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What is a coir mattress? What are the pros and cons of coir mattresses?

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What is a coir mattress? What are the pros and cons of coir mattresses?

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In recent years, people have started to pay more attention to coir mattresses. It is believed that the product can improve the quality of your sleep significantly. In this article, Tropicoco Vietnam will show you everything you need to know about a coir mattress, such as its types, advantages, and disadvantages when using it. 

What is a coir mattress?

Coir mattresses are made from coconut fibers (also known as coco coir). Coir is a fibrous material found between the internal hard shell and the outer coat of a coconut. Since coconut fiber is a harsh material, manufacturers usually add a secondary material to make the mattresses more comfortable. As a result, most coir mattresses can provide excellent support for all sleeping positions. 

Coir mattresses are made of natural coconut fibersTypes of coir mattress

Hybrid and rubberized are the two types of coir mattresses available in the market. Down below is all the information you need to know about these products.

Hybrid coir mattress

Almost every coir mattress on the market is a hybrid one. Because without a secondary material to soften the coir, the final product cannot take the form of a comfortable mattress. Hybrid coir mattresses have coconut fibers as the primary and foam as the secondary material. The foam can either be polyurethane or memory one. 

Rubberized coir mattress

This type of coir mattress is made from highly dense and rubberized coco coir. The word “rubberized” means that the coir has a natural bounce in it. However, the majority of rubberized coir mattresses are not entirely made from rubberized coir. In fact, manufacturers usually add latex solutions or rubber as the secondary material. For this reason, genuine rubberized coir mattresses are hard to find. 

Advantages of using a coir mattress

Using a coir mattress can provide you with lots of benefits. Here are some of the product’s outstanding advantages that Tropicoco Vietnam has summarized down below: 

Hygroscopic quality

Our body usually produces sweats when sleeping. If there is nothing to absorb, the quality of our sleep can be influenced. Since coco coir is naturally hygroscopic, it can improve the mattress’s air and moisture circulation. Not only can the product absorb the sweat of sleepers, but also the moisture in the air. Therefore, coir mattresses are recommended for sweaty people as they are moisture-free. 

Exceptional ventilation

Because coir mattresses are well ventilated, they offer an excellent flow of air. This advantage keeps the beds cool during hot summer days. For this reason, it naturally calms down your body’s temperature and helps you sleep better. Also, coir mattresses have a natural way of offering comfort, so you can rest assured to have a quality sleep when using the product. 

Coir mattress stays cool during hot summer daysDust and germs resistance

Most mattresses are prone to have bed bugs and dust mites. This is dangerous as it can lead to numerous allergies and skin infections. Luckily, coco coir is a material that can effectively resist dirt and dust. It also has antibacterial properties, which keeps the mattresses free from moths, bacteria, and other disease problems. Therefore, using a coir mattress is necessary for people with sensitive skin.

Environment-friendly nature

Coir mattresses are completely eco-friendly as they are made of natural fibers obtained from coconut husk. Also, no harmful substances are used during the process of extracting the fibers as well as manufacturing the mattress. For this reason, the product is chemical-free and safe for people’s health. 

Disadvantages of using a coco coir mattress

Just like any other product, coir mattresses cannot avoid having certain disadvantages. Here are some of the cons you should take into consideration before buying a coir mattress:

Prone to sagging

Most coir mattresses cannot push back the pressure that your body puts on them while sleeping. For this reason, they slump easily. After a while of using it, you will see that the product ends up sagging in those areas where you tend to sleep most of the time. Once a coir mattress gets compressed, you can never pull it back. 

Might be too firm and uncomfortable

Compared to other types of bedding, the material of coir mattresses is a lot harder. Therefore, the product may not be the best option for people who prefer sleeping on an incredibly soft surface. Because of the hard material, coir mattresses can be highly uncomfortable in some cases. 

Coir mattress can be uncomfortable due to its harsh materialCan increase pressure points

Coir mattresses increase pressure points instead of reducing them, which is a huge disadvantage of this product. Because of it, you are likely to wake up with body pains, especially in the areas that you lay more pressure on, like the shoulders and back. 

Not durable

Since coir mattresses cannot push back to their original shape after you slept on them, they only last for a short amount of time. The product has approximately 5 years of lifespan before they start sagging and losing firmness. This process will happen faster if producers do not use other material besides coir to manufacture the mattresses. 


This article has disclosed both the advantages and disadvantages of using a coir mattress. Make sure to visit Tropicoco’s blog daily to read more articles about coco coir. Tropicoco is one of the best suppliers of coconut coir in Vietnam. Contact the business now to get the buying instruction and estimated time of shipping. 

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