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How to recognize treated coco peat and the untreated one?

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How to recognize treated coco peat and the untreated one?

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Coco peat (or coir pith) is a versatile growing medium made of coconut husk. Because the material is 100% organic and environmentally friendly, it is an excellent alternative to traditional peat moss. There are two types of coco peat in the market: treated and untreated ones. If you want to know how you can differentiate between the two of them, this article from Tropicoco Vietnam will give you the answer you have been looking for! 

What are treated and untreated coco peat? 

Coco peat is categorized into treated and untreated options. Keep reading to learn more about these two types of coir pith with Tropicoco Vietnam.

Treated coco peat

Treated or washed coco peat is the type of coir pith that has been processed before selling. It is one of the best growing mediums nowadays as people can use it to nurture a variety of plants. The material is also non-toxic, eco-friendly, and easy to use. Therefore, most gardeners have switched their growing medium to washed coco peat to minimize the damage to the environment. 

Untreated coco peat 

People also call untreated coco peat as unwashed coir pith. This type of coco peat is unprocessed, which makes it harmful to grow plants. Even though people cannot use it in gardening, it is actually an ideal bedding material. Due to its moisture-absorbing and soft-bed cushioning and bacteria-resisting properties, people commonly use unwashed coco peat for bedding in animal farms. 

How can you differentiate them? 

There are three common ways to tell the difference between washed and unwashed coco peat. Let’s find out what the methods are down below: 

Based on the colour of coco peat

The colour of untreated coco peat is similar to the shade of a fresh coconut shell, which is light yellow. It also gives a super dry feeling when you touch it with your hand. In contrast, treated coco peat has a reddish-brown colour and feels highly moisturized in hand. This is because it has been soaked and washed with water many times. 

Treated coco peat has a signature reddish-brown colourSome people also choose to wash the coir pith in water to find out whether it has been treated or not. If the water turns reddish-brown, the coco peat is unwashed. However, in some cases, coco peat can still give brown water even though it has been processed. For this reason, this method is not 100% accurate. 

Based on the water absorption of coco peat 

This is a simple method for you to recognize the coco peat that has been treated. First, you prepare a bowl to put your coco peat in. Then, pour water until you have soak the coco peat completely. At this stage, you will notice that unwashed coco peat has poor water absorption, while treated coco peat can hold water well. 

Based on the EC and pH indication

Out of all the three methods, this is the most accurate way to differentiate between washed and unwashed coco peat. With this method, you will focus on the EC and pH levels to see if your coco peat is thoroughly processed or not. Tropicoco Vietnam has made a table of values for you to study down below:

Criteria EC  pH
Treated coco peat EC ≤ 0.5 pH 5.5 – 6.8
Untreated coco peat  EC > 2.5  pH > 7

Where to buy premium treated coco peat?

Tropicoco is the best supplier for treated coco peatIf you are looking for a reliable place to buy treated coco peat, Tropicoco Vietnam is your go-to destination. Here is a list of reasons why you should purchase at Tropicoco today: 

Fast shipping worldwide

At Tropicoco Vietnam, fast shipping is available worldwide. Once the company has received your order, Tropicoco makes sure to deliver it as soon as possible. Even if you are miles across the world, do not hesitate to contact and place your order at Tropicoco Vietnam! 

Top-tier customer service 

Besides delivering the best product, Tropicoco Vietnam also focuses on developing the best customer service. Tropicoco’s well-trained team will always make quick responses to your inquiries. Also, if you do not know which product will suit your garden best, Tropicoco is more than happy to give you advice and choose the right one for you. 

Excellent quality of product

Ever since the company’s establishment, Tropicoco Vietnam has guaranteed only to supply high-quality coco peat for customers. All the products at Tropicoco are 100% natural, non-toxic, and environment-friendly. If you want to “go green” in your garden, Tropicoco Vietnam is your best place to buy treated coco peat. 


Tropicoco Vietnam has revealed all three ways for you to differentiate between treated and untreated coco peat. Make sure to visit Tropicoco’s blog daily to read more exciting articles. If you have any questions, contact Tropicoco Vietnam down below for quick support. 

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